Friday, September 9, 2011

New Post

Just wanted to check out the new blogger app & it's functionality.

So far, ease of use is good.

Uploaded a pic of the chakkapradaman from yesterday's lunch @ Mom's house. Will go chk on the comp, how it is uploaded.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year - Will it be a new beginning?

I wonder if it will. I hope that in 2010 I'll -
  • blog here once a week
  • go for a walk every evening
  • use the gym 5 days a week
  • study japanese
  • meet all my friends
  • start a cafe
  • improve my singing
  • practice playing the violin every day
  • experiment with a variety of cuisines
  • blog 2-3 recipes a week
The above are not in any order of importance, just a few of the many things I want to do this year. Hmm, sounds a lot like resolutions - right? Huh!! well, they are not!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I keep meaning to

But I just am not doing it... Wonder what this is all about? Nothing much.... Hmm ... Just looking for a nice reason why I haven't blogged all this while... I was busy the last 2 months of '08 & the first two of '09.... After that, well, I just kept meaning to blog...

First there was too much to write about so I didn't know where to start & then there was nothing... Alright - I'll say it, I've been procastinating & not posting... :) Does that make me bad? If so, so be it!!

What I really wanted to say was - we are thinking about returning to India... no firm decisions made yet... but we are considering our options seriously. I am now consumed with the pros and cons of going back!!!

Any thoughts?

There are a lot of other things that I must write about, but will save it for another day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A trip to San Fran

I've been to San Fran about 4-5 years back. Hmm just before I got married - those were the days. I still remember the late nights & the taco bell dinners. It is a pleasure to work with like-minded colleagues. That is one project I shall remember for a long long time.

Am going all over the place, aren't I? So, where was I? We went to San Fran to visit our cousin & her family for the weekend. Visited the usual tourist spots. Here's a picture of the Golden Gate bridge.

We had a wonderful time playing with her two little boys, chatting late into the night & I should certainly mention all the great food. What I really enjoyed about our little visit was going shopping with our cousin. Oh it was so good to have a ladies night out. Really enjoyed it & got to know my cousin too in the bargain. Picked up some great clothes too.

Another thing we really enjoyed was dinner from saravanabhavan. We decided to do take out so that the kids can have fun too. While there, I started chatting with the cashier - yes, I am a chatterbox. I was asking him why there are no Karnataka dishes in their menu. He asked me to make some suggestions, while I was thinking, our cousin told him he should visit my blog! Gosh, was I surprised, it never occurred to me to suggest that. God bless her!!! :D The manager has taken the details from me. Isn't that simply wonderful?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Away we go...

We are off to San Francisco this weekend. Will come back with lots of pictures. Meanwhile, who's going to take care of my darling plants, I wonder?

Till I post next ... Take care.. Have fun & keep smiling!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I decided to grate fresh coconut to make the kozhakattais. Little did I know what I was getting into!!! Bought this cute looking gizmo from the local indian store & spent the better part of an hour grating a single coconut!!!

Not that I haven't grated a coconut before. Many a time have I had that pleasure back home. But then it took only about 10-15 minutes. After I got married, our maid used to grate it.

Hmmm, but in all honesty, the problem wasn't with the device. It was the size of the coconut!!! I just couldn't hold it in one palm. This will work a lot better with an indian sized coconut.

Or maybe, just maybe, I was using it all wrong!!! Having lived a year in Japan, I now understand why P says if using a japanese device is difficult, you are probably using it wrong!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Roses bloomed...

Bought my first rose plant a few days back. And it bloomed... Today.... On Ganesh Chathurthi!!! I am so very happy...

Alright, alright... I'll stop... Just that these look so beautiful!!! Happy Ganesh Chathurthi!!!